Data Science for public good.

Big Imaging

Big data, computer vision, statistical machine learning, and other higher-order terms.

Public Health

Translational medicine, bioimaging, and disease surveillance and prediction.

Open Science

Active contributors to open source projects. Code, data, and course materials posted to GitHub.

We are an interdisciplinary group, primarily focused on how data science can be a tool for knowledge discovery in public health applications.

Due to a combination of logistical, financial, and research commitments, I am NOT able to recruit students for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021. I sincerely apologize--there are always more interested and qualified students than I can effectively mentor at one time, and accepting more students would be a disservice to everyone.

When recruiting resumes, we are looking for students with backgrounds and interests in:

  • statistical machine learning
  • computer vision
  • deep learning
  • generative models
  • spectral graph analytics
  • distributed computing
  • cellular biology
  • disease modeling
  • open source coding

If you are interested in pursuing interdisciplinary research in my group, please read this blog post and follow its instructions for contacting me.